TECOTEC completely delivery PDA 7000 Optical Emissions Spectrometer for Nissin Brake

On Sept 14th-18th/Mar/2016, technician of environment and testing analysis department completed installation and technical transfer a PDA 7000 Optical Emissions Spectrometer for Nissin Brake Co., LTD, Quat Luu, Binh Xuyen, Vinh Phuc. Nissin Brake operates mainly in the field of production and supply of brakes. Therefore,  the content of metal elements in materials are very important factors to evalute product quality.

PDA-7000 is a Optical Emissions Spectrometer made by Shimadzu-Japan, some of PDA-7000’s properties:

  • Used for quality control, quality inspection of materials, and inspection of finished products, in metal refining and processing industries.
  • Quantitative analysis from trace elements to the main elements in the alloy and pig iron, aluminum, copper, lead, magnesium, tin, zinc…
  • High analysis productivity in quality control and process control in the ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries.
  • Using photoemission spectroscopy method
  • Rapid and accurate simultaneous determination of many elements in metals
  • High performance optical emission spectrometers
  • Excellent hardware quality

Source: ETA


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