TECOTEC Group completely delivery Microfocus X-Ray Inspection system SMX-800 for GoerTek Vina

On 10th-12th/May/2016, TECOTEC Group completed installation and transferred SMX-800 Mircorfocus X-ray Inspection system to GoerTek Vina, Que Vo Industrial zone, Nam Son, Bac Ninh. GoerTek Vina is a supplier of headphone for Apple – one of the biggest corporation in the world, therefore, controlling the product quality at their factory is very important task, SMX-800 can help this becomes more reliable and easier.


Microfocus X-ray Inspection system SMX-800 was designed and improved by Shimazu – Japan with some below advantage:

  • Easy to Use, Even for the First Time, by Following Simple Steps.
  • Ease and visualized operation with touch screen and camera.
  • Spectral Image is very clear, make operator easy to judge with high reliability.
  • With advance functions, SMX-800 can run automatically that help operator improve their productivity.
  • One more thing, this X-ray system is very safe for human and environment.

Source: ETA


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