TECOTEC installation EDX-7000 for PLus Viet Nam

On 06th – 08th Septemper, 2016 TECOTEC completed installation and transferred EDX-7000 for PLUS VIETNAM ( Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Park – Dong Nai Province). PLUS VIETNAM is a member company of PLUS corporation in Japan. Product of Plus Vietnam including: staple, correction tape, tape glue, clear file and many other kinds are produced by technology of Japan. Plus Vietnam has capability of making high quality product. Therefore, the quality assurance is extremely important and this effects directly to the quality of products and the reputation of company.

EDX-7000 is a energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. EDX-7000 is used to qual-quantitative analysis component element in chemicals, oil and petrochemicals, construction material, metallurgical, hazardous in according to RoHS standard: Pb, Cd, Cr, Br, Hg.

The specifications of EDX-7000:

- No liquid nitrogen required: The SDD detector is electronically cooled, eliminating the need for cooling by liquid nitrogen. This frees the user from the chore of replenishing the liquid nitrogen and contributes to lower running and maintenance costs.

- Measuring range: 11Na to 92U.

- High speed, high reliability.

- High Sensitivity − Lower Limit of Detection Improved 1.5 to 5 Times.

- Detector: type SDD.

- Solfware: PCEDX Navi Software Allows Easy Operation from the Start.

- Options:

+ Helium purge unit.

+ Vacuum measurement unit.

+ Turret unit: turret for 12 sample.

Plus Vietnam use pulling a vacuum in the sample chamber makes it possible to analyze light elements with high sensitivity. For example, Na and Mg cannot be confirmed in an atmospheric environment, but can be confirmed in a vacuum environment.



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