Antenna Measurement System RMS 0740 (part 1)

The Antenna Radiation Measurement System (RMS) is a compact test system that performs 3-axis radiation pattern measurement in non-anechoic spaces. With a frequency range of 700MHz to 4GHz it is well suited for characterization and measurement of Antenna Radiation Patterns, Antenna Gain, ERP, TRP, Field Strength.

Extensive evaluation has shown that – with proper setup - the accuracy of the RMS is similar to that of anechoic test labs.

Characterize wireless devices of today, like IOT devices, routers, phones, domotica products, electronic gadgets, tablets, laptops, RF-modules etc. The RMS has proven to be a tremendous asset during the development and evaluation of wireless devices.


  • Measurement of RF device Constant Carrier radiation patterns.
  • System frequency range 700 to 4000 MHz.
  • Measuring distance 0.8 to 3 meter.
  • Simultaneous Horizontal and Vertical polarization measurement.
  • Simultaneous measurement of harmonic radiation.
  • 3-axis measurement (1 turn per axis)
  • Minimum step size 2 degrees
  • Narrow antenna beam-width for nonanechoic environments.
  • Narrow receiver bandwidth for nonshielded environments.
  • Plots per axis and semi 3D.
  • Plots of radiated power ERP (dBm), Antenna Gain (dBi), Field Strength (dBuV/m).
  • Calculation of TRP, Minimum, Maximum and Average radiation.
  • Integrated PC software suite supports measurement setup, rotation control,
  • graphing, data storage and report generation.
  • Optional Generator output for standalone antenna measurement.
  • Optional Heavy Duty turntable (30kg).

System included:

Measurement System:

Turn Table

  • Antenna height 100cm to 170cm
  • Dual Polarization Antenna
  • Dual channel measuring receiver
  • Generator output (option)
  • Rotation controller unit
  • Power supply
  • USB connection for PC control
  • Mains connection
  • Height 70cm and 130cm
  • Stepper motor drive
  • 30 seconds per rotation
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Table size 28 x 28cm
  • Max EUT weight: 7.5kg
  • Heavy Duty table: 100 x 50cm, 30kg

Source: RSI



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