Applications of Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer INFICON

Building on micro gas chromatograph (GC) technology, Micro GC Fusion is an ideal gas analyzer for on-site, transportable and laboratory applications. Micro GC Fusion covers extended (up to C12) gas analysis with high sensitivity and repeatability.

Figure 1. Wi-Fi modes of operation

Typical applications

+   Natural gas and extended natural gas analysis

+   Refinery Gas analysis

+   Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)

+   Flue gas/stack emissions monitoring

+   Mud logging

+   Mine gas

+   Impurities in petrochemical products and specialty gases

+  Syngas, fuel cell, landfill gas and biogas for alternative energy


+   Ease sample gases with gas syringes and sample bag (Figure 2).

+   Rapid analysis, 1–3 minutes

+   Fast temperature ramping extends analytical capability

+   MEMS TCD provides 10 times more sensitive analysis than traditional TCD

+   Integrated touch panel display provides intuitive instrument control and status display

+   Intelligent web-based user interface and Wi-Fi allows operation from any web-enabled computing device

+   Optional integrated sample conditioner maintains sample temperature at 100°C, and reduces input pressure from up to 1000 psi

Figure 2. Gas syringes and sample bag

Figure 3. Results of Natural gas analysis




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