Classification of cash registers in the market

Currently, on the market there are many kinds of cash counting machine, to choose the best quality, matching the needs of the unit, Tecotec ‘ll give you all the money counting machine on the market:

  1. Type 1: dominate the market today cash register, originating mostly from China

- Pros: compact, low cost, maintenance cost of replacing small, easy to repair

- Cons: poor quality, function counting and classification of counterfeit money is limited, resulting in errors, pass counterfeit money

2) Type 2: The high-end models, equipped with modern technology, the bank began to be interested, originating from Japan, Germany

- Pros: Modern, equipped with technology of counting and checking the quality of modern money, get 100% fake money, old money classify new quality. Good quality, durable. Save time and manpower to the bank

- Cons: Higher cost than the series type 1

3) Type 3: The system handles big money, the application of the central banks, major banking center

- Pros: Good quality, counting and sorting large amount of cash, fast

- Cons: Bulky size, price too high

Source: BIS


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