CNC Automatic gear measuring machine

The manufacture of gears is a very complex field. It requires extensive knowledge on various fields such as materials science, cutting, heat treatment and quality inspection.The inspection of the gear's parameters is an important issue decisions on the quality of the gears, thereby affecting the quality of machinery. We would like to introduce automatic gear measuring machine of Osaka  Seimitsu Kikai- Japan (OSK)

OSK established and operation since 1951, specialized in manufacturing of high-quality gear measuring instrument. OSK’s instrument meet standard ISO: JIS B 1702-1: 1998, JIS: JIS B 1702-1960, AGMA: AGMA 2000-A88, DIN: DIN 3961/DIN, JIS MASTER: JIS B 1751, AGMA: AGMA 2015-1-A01, JIS-P: JIS B 1702-3: 2008, and ISO9001-2008, ISO17025-2005.

Gear measuring machine CLP Series is full automatic gear measuring instrument for Profile, lead and Pitch. This machine can measurement of External & Internal gear, Hob cutter, Shaving cutter, Pinion cutter, Worm & Worm wheel, rack. And It is provide measuring software for Honda Company and YAMAHA Company.

With CLP Series We can measure parameter of gear as following:

(1) Profile:

  • Profile deviation (Symbol: FF or Fa)
  • Profile form deviation (Symbol: FFA or F fa)
  • Pressure angle deviation (symbol: FA or F Ha)

(2) Lead:

  • Lead deviation (Symbol: FQ or F b)
  • Lead form deviation (Symbol: FQA or F fb)
  • Lead angle deviation (Symbol: FH or F Hb)
  • Crowning (Symbol: C b or ?)

(3) Pitch:

  • Pitch deviation (Symbol: fp or FPT)
  • Cumulative pitch deviation (symbol: FPK or Fp)
  • Pitch variation (Symbol: fu or FTU)
  • Runout (Symbol: Fr)

OSK’s product has high accuracy and long life by the adopt of direct drive mechanical of the main spindle, non –backlash mechanism and direct connection with ball screws and servo motors.

OSK also authorize TECOTEC as the sole after sale service provide, the scope of services are at least the following: Warranty, maintenance, repair, Spare part, wearable and calibration for OSK’s product.

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