As-I Fieldbus Technology teaches learners familiar withis a simple way of industrial networking: Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-i) and practice direct control someactuators through this technology.

AS-i Fieldbus Technology to help learner understand the structure, the principles of the system,the problem of communication through PLC signal transmission process in the AS-i network. Through this practice the actual assembly AS-i network communication real by connecting the PLC module for conveyor systems and input devices, output and other actuators.

Participants will apply this knowledge to practice skills such as monitoring the activities of the input signal and output, designing a PLC program, check the program's fault, secure mode of operation device…

Learning Objectives:

+ Setup and design of a PLC

+ Commissioning an automation system

+ Programming in accordance with international standard IEC1131-3

+ Connecting and commissioning field bus systems

+ Installation circuits with control guard

+ Parameterization of logical modules

+ Fundamentals of digital technology

+ Programming with the operator elements

Source: TECOTEC Da Nang


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