EDX - Analysis of Precious Metal

EDX is designed to analyze precious metals  in ornaments in a quick and efficiently manner, especially without damaging the sample.

With features such as composition analysis, additional analysis giving accurate result of the detected elements, EDX has become one of the most useful tools for evaluating ornaments containing precious metals. Elements like Platinum (Pt), Gold (Au), Silver (Ag), Copper (Cu) are well known, but in case additions like Palladium (Pd), Ruthenium (Ru), and plating of Rhodium (Rh), that are not prevailing, are contained, judgments made by weight or observation may not be sufficient. EDX can provide solution for this issue with non-destructive and short time analysis.

Qualitative result of five kind of ornament including precious materials and detected element.

With collimator (1 mm dia.), composition of small area can be analyzed.

Pure gold F, Golden alloy G, H, Platinum Alloy I, J

Quantitative result of golden alloys with 1 mmφ collimator and Std. Dev.

Quantitative result of platinum alloys with 1 mmφ collimator and Std. Dev.

                                                                                                                                                                Source: ETA


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