GSG 6 - GNSS Simulator Supports Demonstration of the Connected Car

Satellite position technology provided by Spectracom was part of a demonstration of a sophisticated, cloud-based connected car system developed at the Smart System Laboratory, University of Hertfordshire.

The demonstration was a cloud-based fleet management system using  any internet-connected device to view the location and operating parameters of any vehicle in the fleet in real time. The Anritsu MD8475A enables the univerity’s development team to test, from their Hertfordshire laboratory, how an in-car LTE modem would perform in mobile network simulator. Spectracom’s GNSS simulator performs a similar function for the positioning data. It provides location information to the device-under-test anywhere in the world with any satellite navigation system including the current fully operational GPS and GLONASS system, as well as the emerging BeiDou and Galileo systems.

The combination of network and GNSS simulators provides a complete test environment to simulate any global location, satellite navigation system, and any type of cellular connectivity to ensure correct operation of the system including compliance to the new regulations for in-vehicle automated emergency response such as eCall and ERA/GLONASS. This type of test bed highlights to the industry the effectiveness of a complete wireless test solution, to enable cost effective development testing, product validation, and customer experience evaluation within a single system.

Source: TMC


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