Helium Leak Detector

TECOTEC Group offers an optimum leak detection option with the efficient and special Helium MSE-22005 leak detector.

In production there are many applications that require leakage inspection such as quality control, which ensures the integrity of the production process or maintenance of the system to prevent unwanted problems. Helium leak testing equipment manufactured by Japan-based Simadzu, distributed exclusively by TECOTEC in Vietnam, is the best choice to meet that requirement.

What is a helium leak detector?

A helium leak detector is a safe and easy leak - testing instrument that uses helium gas. The machine is used to locate and measure the level of input, output, or system leakage. With its non-toxic, non-condensable, non-flammable and a small amount of only 5ppm in atmospheric properties and the ability to easily pass through small gaps, Helium is the best element to help checking leakage.

Helium MSE-22005 leak detector

Helium MSE-22005 leak detector offers various outstanding features and superb performance for leak detection using helium gas. It has analyzer tubes featuring a 270°deflection system for achieving high sensitivity and low background, which give excellent background recovery performance. It also has a stable measurement time with 3l/s pumping speed throughout the test pressure range and an optimal vacuum system with non-contact dry clean pump, oil-free and dust-free. In particular, the Helium MSE-22005 offers the following optional options: Wireless leak indicator for recording image of specimen measurement locations and leakage rates.


Source: ETA


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