Introduce about the underwater acoustics and sonar operator laboratory

The acoustic systems trainer

Image 1: The acoustic systems trainer included: AST Console and Acoustic Tank with Target Transport System

SONAR is the underwater equivalent of radar, and like radar its functions are many and varied but are used under water. These include the detection, identification, location and speed indication of 'targets of interest'. There are basically two sonar modes of operation, 'Passive' (receiving or listening) and 'Active' (transmitting and receiving).

The acoustic systems trainer AST was developed for the purpose of training and research. This system has been used in many Navy schools in the world, to provide to students the practice exercises for more understanding about the theory of sonar and underwater acoustics signal, included:

  • Speed of sound in water
  • Temperature effects on the speed of sound.
  • The single element Transducer
  • Transducer resonant frequency
  • Two-element array
  • Transducer beam width
  • Passive SONAR
  • Active SONAR
  • Parametric SONAR  
  • Depth finding
  • The Doppler Effect
  • Underwater communications
  • Active target profiles
  • Passive target FFT signatures
  • Shallow water backscatter
  • Beam formation
  • Beam steering
  • Volume scattering & cavitation
  • Dielectric phase shift
  • ASW and Stealth

Image 2: The navy schools was used the AST systems

System included:

AST Console


Acoustic Tank

Rack mounting enclosure 19" / 48cm with handles


Acrylic - 12 and 15mm thickness

110 / 220 / 240 Volts 50/60~ @ 2 amps


Length 1,200mm

USB2 connector to PC


Width 600mm

0-12 volts/+5 v/-5/+15v/-15v D.C.


Depth 600mm

TX CW @ 200 kHz - CAL/VAR


Heater with thermostat - 3kW

PRF @ 714Hz - CAL/VAR


Int/Ext Digital Thermometer

PW @ 100µsecs - CAL/VAR


Stainless steel frame

TX PULSE Gated 100µsecs ~ 20CW cycles


Transport System and transducer guide rails

TX2, TX3 Fixed and Variable Phase O/Ps


Sonar Signal analyzer

SYNC pulse 5v - positive polarity


12,14,16 bits Resolution ~ 500Ms/sec

Echo Threshold control


2 Channel operation + Math functions

Target Transport System


Storage Oscilloscope 100nsec - 600sec/div

0-12 Volts speed controlled


Averaging 1 - 256

Auto/Manual reversing


Phase Measurement

Direct traction drive


Spectrum Analyzer .001Hz - 50MHz

Sliding Target Rails


AM/FM/FSK Modulation~ Sweep

Reversing sensors


Transient Recorder >30,000 points ~ 750 days



Voltmeters - 6 programmable



Arbitrary Waveform Generator 1µHz - 30MHz

SS Flat plate 20cm sq



SS Flat plate 10cm sq


200 kHzresonant frequency

SS Grill plate 10cm sq


8°~16° beam width @ -3dBs

Acrylic Flat Plate 20cm sq


Conical beam shape



Epoxy resin encapsulation

Variable speed passive-


2.5" / 6cm diameter pod

Three bladed prop


BNC connector coaxial cable

Four bladed prop


Reversible operation

Five bladed prop


Orientation - vertical or horizontal

PT Vari-speed Motor ~Gearbox


3 Transducers supplied

Source: RSI


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