Introduce Hypoid Gear Measuring Machine Model HyB -35/65

Hypoid gear mesuring machine used to measure straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears, this instrument performs continuous and automatic measurement of profile and tooth trace. Superior gear accuracy is ensured through detection of even extremely small deviation in shape, which can cause noise and vibration.

Unlike normal coordinate measuring machine, this model is dedicated to the bevel gear measurement and it can scan a measuring line. Tooth contact analysis of measured gear set and machine setting correction and reverse engineering software are available.

Machine specifications

Measuring gear: Face mill hypoid gear, Face hob hypoid gear

Measuring items: Tooth profile, tooth lead, Pitch variation and thickness

Module: M1-12

Number of teeth: 6-60

Max. outer diameter of gear: 330/630 mm

Traveling length of X axis: 150 mm

Traveling length of Y axis: 240 mm

Traveling length of Z axis: 400 mm

Max. weight of gear: 100/ 200 kg

Measuring method: Automatic measurement

Repeatability of profile and lead measurement: Under 0.003 mm

Repeatability of pitch: under 0.003 mm

Source: ETC


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