The system provides solution for testquality products and built in applications for quality inspection department.The electrical characties as current, voltage, power, energy… are measured and feedback PC to display. Data which used to user analysis and evaluate quality.

Diagram Power & Energy Equipment Tracking System

Device Under Test (DUT) is connected with TRMS System  Multimeter through  PMA16 Adaptor for Measurement and supply appropriate power . When DUTs work, TRMS System  Multimeter Metrahit Energy will measures charactics  of equipment and send data to host computer through cable IR to USB. At host computer, data  received are recorded and displayed  on screen’s PC. Data recieved which used to user analysis and evaluate quality equipment. The User can select two measuring mode: offline or online. With measuring online mode, maximum 4 chanel can recorded parallel, data will be stored in a buffer  and afterwards sent to host computer to display.  When select measuring offline mode, the results will be stored on internally in the Metrahits memory and read  out data from the memory to computer.

With features:

  • Measuring multimeter with TRMS measurement including: Voltage, Current alternating/ direct (VAC+DC, AAC+DC ) with bandwidth of 100 kHz, frequence (Hz) (A,V),dB, resistance (Ω), capacitance (μF), temperature (0C/0F ;TC/RTD).
  • Measuring Power & Energy (W, VAR, VA, PF, Wh, VArh, VAh): The system is a compact power meter for direct and alternating  current in single-phases systems. The electrical circuit can be connected either directly or via a current transformer.Universal  power measurement includes the following measuring functions: active, reactive and  apparent power, power factor and energy. All data will be  transferred to host computer and  display on the screen. Using shunt resistor in combination with current clamp sensor allows for the power and energy measurement of DC applications with high current as well.

Tracking 4 chanel parallel online

  • Automatic. Manual Measuring Range Selection.
  • Harmonics Analysis.
  • Special measuring funtions: crest factor, conductivity, low resistance
  • Direct current measurement from 10 nA to 10A, 16A intermittently.
  • Data can store on internal memory up to 2048 or read out to host computer via USB X-TRA adapter.

Source: TMC


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