This is to announce the release of the XDimensus 300 dimensional X-ray CT system. It is a CT system optimized for dimensional measurement.

Figure 1: XDimensus 300 Dimensional X-Ray CT System

The XDimensus 300 is a dimensional X-ray CT system capable of measuring the 3D internal and external geometry of sample interiors. It features a large-scale, high-resolution flat panel detector, which provides a wide field of view at excellent resolution, Shimadzu's proprietary new X-ray generator, with approximately three times the X-ray generating efficiency of our previous models, and new software, which provides excellent operability. It also features an air conditioning unit to maintain a consistent temperature inside the instrument, a frame that provides high geometric stability, and an ultra-high-accuracy sample positioning stage. As a result, it provides a level of dimensional measurement accuracy impossible with conventional observation X-ray CT systems.

Some features of XDimensus 300 system are showed as below:

  • High Accuracy

The XDimensus 300 provides the highest level of sphere distance accuracy, with a measurement error of (3.8 + L/50)* μm.

  • Proprietary Microfocus 225 kV Generator
  • Self-Diagnostic Function to monitor the system status.
  • Shield Box Internal Temperature Control Device
  • Anti-Vibration Stands to reduce the impact on measurement accuracy
  • Two operating Cameras to monitor the inside on a real-time basis. Operators can control the system interactively via a computer screen.
  • Detector with High Resolution and a Wide Field of View
  • Ultra-High-Accuracy Rotating Stage
  • Quick and Easy Operation: No calibration process is necessary before scanning. Scans can be started immediately after sample placement.
  • Applications:
  • Fluoroscopy image, cross-sectional images
  • Exterior view of sample
  • VR data
  • Shape compared to CAD data
  • Dimensional measurements

Figure 2: Applications of XDimensus 300 system

Figure 3.1: Dimensional measurement function of XDimensus 300 system

Figure 3.2: Dimensional measurement function of XDimensus 300 system

Figure 4: Shape compared to CAD data

Source: ETA


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