In early 2018, TECOTEC GROUP has handed over EDX-LE X-ray Fluorescence Spectrograph for S-connect BG Vina Co., Ltd. (Van Trung IP, Bac Giang). Previously, the first EDX machine installed at S-connect was the EDX-7000 in 2015.

S-connect BG Vina is a manufacturer of electronic components for mobile phone and they are leading supplier of components for Samsung. Analyzing the content of hazard substances in the product components is required, indispensable in the production process for the company is Samsung’s vendor.

This is the second X-ray fluorescence spectrometer delivered by TECOTEC GROUP at S-connect. The EDX-7000 was performed preventive maintenance and calibration periodically in the past two years so it is operating very stable, efficient and plays an important role in production of S-connect. To meet the growing demand in production, S-connect has decided to invest in upgrading the system of equipment and machinery. Under the advice of TECOTEC GROUP, S-connect selected EDX-LE is the next model involved in the production process and product quality management.

EDX-LE is an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer made by Shimadzu-Japan with some outstanding advantages: RoHS/ELV testing and support for many other applications; Measuring time is 10 times faster than previous models; No need cooling with liquid nitrogen.

In addition, the EDX-LE is equipped with an SSD Detector for detecting low-level elements up to 1.5 to 5 times, automatic aging after long periods of time the machine is not working.

The machine has a safety interlock system to prevent radioactive leakage, ensuring maximum safety for the operators. Maintenance of the system is also very easy.

The software interface is user-friendly, it’s very easy for the operator to operate and read the results after measuring samples. With the outstanding features and advantages, currently, EDX-LE is one of Shimadzu's important models for elemental analysis of materials.

Along with EDX-7000 model, EDX-LE will definitely be an important factor to enhance the quality of production processes, meet the expanding production of electronic components of S-connect in particular as well as the demand for elemental analysis in materials of many Vietnamese enterprises.

Source: ETA


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