The Arrival of the Next Generation Wide-band Handheld Analyzer

Accurate microwave measurements are becoming increasingly necessary in harsh and hard-to-reach environments, in a wide range of conditions: day or night, rain or shine, hot or cold, on ship, in an aircraft, or in a moving vehicle.  When making measurements in these diverse situations, you’re likely looking for equipment you don’t have to think twice about – multi-purpose, rugged, durable, with measurement precision and accuracy.

Today Keysight Technologies announced the next-generation of Keysight’s multi-purpose handheld analyzer, the FieldFox B-Series.  This is the world’s first handheld combination analyzer and spectrum analyzer with 100 MHz real-time bandwidth, real-time spectrum analysis, equipped with fully corrected 100 MHz IQ capturing, full 2-port VNA and noise figure measurements – all in one 7 pound portable device with approximately 4 hour battery life.  The next generation analyzer enables customers to deploy and troubleshoot 5G networks, provide wider IQ capture for signal monitoring, and diagnose radar and electronic warfare systems in the field.

Figure 1. The new B model FieldFox Handheld analyzer,  weighing 7 lbsand up to 4 hour battery life.

Keysight’s new B model provides the following key benefits:

- Up to 26.5 GHz frequency coverage, 100 MHz bandwidth – an ideal tool for 5G deployment.

- Combine this analyzer with the external phased array antenna to help 5G operators perform accurate measurements for coverage and beamforming verification.

- Spectrum analysis, full 2-port VNA, power meter, pulse measurement, and noise figure all in one comprehensive analyzer, allowing engineers to match field test / repair with accuracy matched to benchtop analyzers, to ensure radar and electronic warfare engineers to diagnose system issues more efficiently than ever before.

- Wideband 100 MHz and fully corrected IQ capturing greatly simplifies the signal monitoring process in the field.

   This handheld analyzer is here to make 5G test a reality with the next generation wide bandwidth, equipped with key OTA control channel measurements needed to keep your network up and running.  The wider analysis bandwidth also allows you to easily identify small interfering signals for commercial satellite testing.

Figure 2. The new B model handheld analyzer has a new active cooling system with no vents.

   With a built-in GPS receiver, and easily transport measurements from the field to the lab for further analysis, your field testing will be completed easily with accuracy that you can rely on.  This higher performance analyzer is designed to withstand your toughest working conditions, providing benchtop accuracy on the go.

   For more information on the first comprehensive analyzer with real-time 100 MHz analysis bandwidth, check out

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