Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detector “Rail Tester” PRD-300

The new PRD-300 Rail Tester is the culmination of TOKYO KEIKI RAIL TECHNO’s more than 35 years of experience and knowhow in ultrasonic flaw inspection for railways. 

The PRD-300 builds on its popular predecessor - the PRD-100 Series which is used extensively in railway inspection and maintenance - and represents a comprehensive model change with major enhancements including expanded functions.
New multiple 4-screen and 6-screen displays

New probes composition

A new -70° probe option is available in addition to the standard 4-probe set of 0°, ±45° and +70° probes.

[ +70°, +45°, 0°, -45°, -70° ]
Detecting unit with 5-probe arrangement

Rail bottom zoom display function

A rail bottom zoom display function with the 0° vertical probe is standard equipment. This zoom display function can detect rail bottom corrosion due to electrolytic corrosion of rails inside tunnels and at crossings - pinpointing their location as well as providing quantitative data on the extent of corrosion.

Flaw images can be uploaded to office PCs

Flaw images that are stored in internal memory can be uploaded to office PCs by using USB flash memories. (Compared to the previous method which utilized images stored in the video recorder, image analysis is greatly simplified.)

Source: ETA


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