VNA-0460e Vector Network Analyzer

The VNA0460e is a professional 6GHz Vector Network Analyzer and comes with a calibration at the SMA ports. This allows you to directly measure impedances and gains at the connectors without any user calibration. Further calibration is only required when measuring on-board or connectorized devices. The device is very stable and does not need any warm-up time.

(Specialized for education)

The VNA0460e also has a built-in Bias Voltage and Current generator. It allows Frequency, power and Bias Voltage and Current sweeps to be combined in any combination. This makes it possible to do several different characterizations on active components in its purest form, without additional components or programming of external V/I sources

The software contains a unique Session Manager to easily store several measurements in a session File. It makes it easy to build a trail of experiments and retrace your steps. Since all calibration and measurement data are stored you can go back to an earlier measurement and continue measuring from there, changing cursor positions, choose another graphical presentation etc.


  • 2½-port bidirectional VNA.
  • Signal Generator output.
  • Frequency 400MHz to 6GHz.
  • Power -30 to +5dBm.                                                                               
  • Port calibrated.
  • Parametric sweeps.
  • Match Circuit Calculators.
  • Deembedding functions.

VNA-0460e Vector Network Analyzer


2 port measurement with impedance, return loss, gain, phase, group delay

VNA Sandbox

The MegiQ VNA Sandbox is a circuit board with many different experiments to demonstrate the features of VNAs in general and the VNA0460e in particular. This kit contains a PCB with a dual UFL calibration kit and all kinds of 1-port and 2-port circuits such as resonant circuits, filters, antennas and active circuits.The Sandbox kit comes with an extensive tutorial how to calibrate and measure circuits and explains the results and the behaviour of real-world components and circuits.

VNA Sandbox

Source: RSI


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